New Inspiration

So I've finally got round to writing a blog! This comes after what has been a rather challenging year.

As with other artists and makers, I have been inspired and in awe of many, on occasion making me at times wonder why I am still continuing with my own art practice.

The inspiration I refer to in the title of this blog refers, not to other artists practitioners but to the youngest member of my family who was born in the summer this year after being given a 10% chance of survival back in February when a scan revealed a right sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), a rare and very serious condition. She has defied all the odds since arriving in the world, undergone many procedures, fighting the adversities that she has come up against. The many qualities she has shown including patience and determination have had an profound effect on everyone in our family and beyond.

Jewellery making was virtually put in on the back burner after February as it just wasn't important but I have returned to it in the last few weeks with renewed enthusiasm and a confidence I don't think I possessed in the past! Right now I am busy making work for an exhibition which starts in December and concentrating on the more substantial pieces I have made in the past so brooches, lockets and eventually boxes. I now find myself working at a slower, more considered pace, re-reading the various books I have on jewellery techniques and generally honing my skills and , most importantly not giving up when things don't quite go as planned.

I look forward to the next chapter in my life as a Jeweller and keeping you up to date with what I am making.

Links which may be of interest in relation to my granddaughter's medical condition:


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