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Fundraiser for CDHeading 1

Over a year ago our third grandchild was born with a condition called congenital diaphragmatic hernia.  Her parents  were informed of this condition at the 20 week scan and as this was a right sided hernia, were  told the chances of survival were as little as 10%.  Despite this grim prognosis, multiple surgical procedures and re-admissions to hospital she has defied all the odds and is doing well with the support of CDH UK and the expertise of the staff in the Neonatal department and after the fist few months, the Children's Hospital.  

To mark the milestone of her 1st birthday I am holding a sale of a collection of my jewellery to raise funds for CDH UK.  This collection consists of discontinued designs, one offs, experimental pieces and remodelled pieces.  Please click on each image to get more details. 


I will be donating 100% of some sales and 50% from others to CDH UK.  Please have a look at their website to find out how they support families who are affected by this rare condition.

If you have any questions about my jewellery on this page or other pages on my website, please to not hesitate to contact me at 


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